How to Safeguard your Privacy Online


This post will explain you how to keep your privacy to yourself and how to turn off all the data collection of 3 Major Leaders in the tech industry.

All the settings related to turning off data collection and to protect your privacy exists within your reach. Most of you guys don’t know these exists. Today we will explain you how to safeguard your privacy.



The Privacy Dashboard

You can click on the below link and login to your Microsoft account and check the privacy settings yourself

You can go through the various sub headings in the dashboard and see all the data collections services yourselves.

These are the various data Microsoft collects when you are using their services

  • Browsing history
  • Search history
  • Location activity
  • Voice activity
  • Content Consumption
  • Product and service activity
  • Product and service performance
  • Cortana’s Notebook
  • Health activity

Each of these data’s can be deleted separately. There are buttons below of each of these data collection activities to clear our data.

After clearing them you can go to Ad Settings

  • Interest-based ads wherever I use my Microsoft account
  • Interest-based ads in this browser

You can toggle the buttons off if you want to turn off internet-based ads.




You can sign into your google account and in the privacy sections there are various sections just like you saw with the Microsoft account. You can clear them all and also Google gives you the advantage to pause the data collection entirely. The only after effect is that you will not be able to use Google Assistant and some features of Google Maps will also not work.

If your google account is signed in and you are browsing the web, google will collect all the searches done by you and even google will save your voice if you have done a voice search.

We are sure you will be surprised when you visit these pages and find out what all data has been collected by Google till now.



Facebook also give users the permissions to change their privacy settings. After you login to your account you can click on privacy settings and make the appropriate changes to how Facebook collects your data.

After the recent Cambridge Analytica scam, the best solution for that to not happen to your account is to disconnect all the apps that you have connected to your Facebook account.

In your account settings you can see a section called Apps and these are all the apps you have given access to connect to your Facebook account. There might be apps which you have connected a long time ago for a simple quiz or a contest. These apps whether you use it now or not, has the access to your account until you remove them. You can check which all apps are connected and you can remove all these apps which you think are not using now. The best is to remove all.


Web Browsers

Also make sure to delete your internet history frequently.

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