Missing Google Play Certification on your custom Android Rom? Here’s how to Re-certify your android device with Google


Recently Google announced that it will block Play Store and Gapps suite from all uncertified android devices. Many custom roms which are flashing Gapps separately have their devices uncertified. Before Google blocking your devices let me say that there is a way to recertify your device.

To check if your Android Device is uncertified

Open Play Store –> Swipe from left –>Settings


To make your device certified follow the following steps.

  1. Download the Device ID app and install it on your phone. It’s also available on the Play Store, but, obviously, you won’t have access if your device is un-certified.
  2. Run it to check your Google Play Service Framework ID (GSF), note it down.
  3. Go to Google’s device registration site, and input the GSF Android ID string in the field, tap Register.


Your device should get white listed again, but if you do a factory reset, you might have to repeat the procedure again.

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