Windows 10 April Update – Features & Changes

The next major update for windows will be called as the Windows 10 April Update. The image above confirms that Microsoft has finally decided the name.

New Features – Windows 10 April Update


Timeline Allows you to resume previous activities in timeline which could make for a more seamless way of working. This appears to work by let you scroll between windows of activity and simply selecting which window to jump back in.

Sharing Your Files Just Became More Easier

This feature will allow you to more easily share files with nearby devices. just like Apple’s AirDrop – and it really works well. But This appears to be a Windows to Windows computer based sharing system, but as updates comes by the feature will soon enable us to share files to other devices as well.

Game Bar Redesign

Microsoft also rebuilt the Game Bar to a new Fluent design user interface that should make the experience far more user friendly and easier to use.

Updates to Security and Privacy Section

There will now be a diagnostic data viewing tool in the security and privacy section for those that want a bit more in depth information on what’s happening on their Windows 10 machine.

Faster Update Time

Rather than the 82 minute update time of the Creators release, or the 51 minute offline update time of the Fall Creators update, the April update should take only 30 minutes.

Under The Hood Improvements

Lastly there are many under the hood improvements in windows which cleared many bugs, also the windows fluent design user interface design is more deeply integrated to every window.



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